Hello. I’m Scott Lilly, and I help small businesses increase profits by setting up the proper computer and software for their needs.

What does that mean to you?

For a moment, imagine you want to buy a boat. But, you have a problem. You don’t know anything about boats.

So, you call your friend who has been boating for decades. They’ve owned boats, built them, inspected them, repaired them, raced them, and sailed them around the world. With your friend’s experience and advice, you get the right boat for your needs, at the best price.

If you need help with computer and software for your business, I can help you the same way.

Could the right technology could help you…?

  • Update your clients on their orders, without using any of your time
  • Reduce costs, with improved inventory management
  • Quickly get back in business after a fire or flood destroys your computers
  • Get more clients or sales from your website
  • Prevent your website from being hacked
  • Reduce your computer expenses by using “the cloud”
  • Increase sales with intelligent email campaigns

These are a few areas where many small businesses can see huge benefits from the right technology.

Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t have an experienced expert to help them get the full benefits from the technologies available to them.

That’s where I can help you.

Over the last 30+ years, I’ve done just about everything that can be done with personal computers – built, repaired, installed, and networked them. I’ve also developed custom websites and other programs to help dozens of companies improve their business processes and increase their profits.

What I’ve done for other companies

Here are a few projects I’ve worked on for other businesses:

  • Created a website for a company’s clients to view the status of their projects – saving the company $250,000 per year over their previous method of providing this information to their clients.
  • Developed a program to automatically transfer data from an existing program into the company’s billing system – eliminating data entry errors, getting their bills out faster, and (most importantly) getting payments in faster.
  • Created a custom web program that let the company hire overseas workers for data entry – reducing the company’s payroll expenses, and shortening the time needed to complete their work.

What can I do to help your business improve?

I’m currently working on the details for a “Technology Review and Roadmap” service.

The “Review” part will cover a thorough check of your existing computers and software, including:

  • Checking the security of your computers and network
  • Testing, or creating, a data recovery plan
  • Checking websites and databases for security holes
  • Investigating system errors (that most people don’t even know are happening)

With the “Roadmap”, we will create a strategy for you that focuses on creating the highest return on your technology investment. This will involve investigating any bottlenecks in your processes, and determining what it would take to eliminate them.

I can also help automate your business processes by creating custom software for your unique needs.

Do any of these sound like a process in your company?

  • It’s so complex that steps are sometimes done incorrectly, or completely forgotten.
  • You, or your employees, spend hours out of the day tracking down work statuses, for your reports or client questions.
  • You pass around Excel spreadsheets by email, and hope that no one uses an out-of-date version – like happened a couple of months ago.