Disaster-Recovery Preparation

Here in Houston, we’ve had a severe flood or hurricane every year for the last three years.

Whether it’s fire, flood, theft, or computer virus, you don’t want to be one of the 75% of small businesses that doesn’t have a disaster-recovery plan in place for your computers and data.


If you don’t have a two-layer backup plan in place, please read my free guide on setting up a disaster-recovery plan for small businesses.


If you aren’t comfortable with selecting or setting up the software on your own, or if your business has special requirements, I can help you.


For a company with ten computers, we can typically setup a two-layer backup plan in one day, for around $2500. That includes all the required hardware, software, a year of cloud-based backup services, and installation. With this in place, if disaster strikes, you can get back in business quickly.


If you’d like my help in protecting your company’s data, please contact me: