Software Auditing Service

If you have custom software written for your business, you’re probably going to measure quality with either “it works” or “it doesn’t work”.

But, software can “work” while having underlying problems.

Without programming experience, you may not know how to check if a program has security holes that will allowed it to be hacked.

If you’re storing medical or credit card information, is the data being handled in a way that meets regulatory requirements?

If the program is slow, is there a way to make it faster?

Is the program going to crash if you enter unexpected information?

My software auditing service will help ensure you get the software you want, without hidden problems. I started writing custom software over 30 years ago, and know what to look for when building fast, reliable, and secure programs.

When to bring in a software auditor

The correct time to bring in an auditor is before a project starts.

Think if it like your city’s building codes. Those are defined to ensure buildings are built to be safe. The builders know what the codes are, and what they are expected to deliver. Before anyone can move into the building, a city inspector comes out to check on the work and spot anything that needs to be corrected.

When you’re thinking of the business features you want, you need someone there with you to define the technical features you need. That will let you set the expectations when hiring a custom software developer.

That’s what I can do for you, as an independent software auditor.

What if you already have a custom program written?

It may still be useful to have your custom program audited.

If you have a website, you want to be sure it can’t be easily hacked.

If the program is so slow it slows down your workflow, an audit might find ways to improve performance.

Are there conditions that will cause the program to stop working?