Technology Review & Roadmap

If you feel your business could be using computers and software better, but aren’t sure how, it could be time to get a Technology Review & Roadmap.

With this service, I’ll work with you to see if there are: existing problems that need to be resolved (including some that aren’t obvious), ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from your current technology, and determine what new technology could help you achieve your business goals.

Technology Review

Before figuring out where you want your business to go, and how to use the best technology to get you there, we need to know where you currently are. That’s what we will gather in the Technology Review.

We’ll collect the following information and determine if there are any areas that need improvement:

  • Computer hardware inventory and review
  • Operating system review (updates, privacy settings, security settings, etc.)
  • User Accounts (appropriate security levels, inactive accounts removed, employee onboarding and exit processes, etc.)
  • Anti-virus software in place and updated
  • Application inventory and evaluation
  • Disaster-recovery plan
  • Internet (level of service, security, etc.)
  • Custom software review (security, performance, better options, etc.)
  • Website analytics (if applicable)
  • Check for errors that are not currently being monitored

We’ll document everything and create a binder with all the information you need to help you manage your IT infrastructure.

This will include scheduled maintenance plans and checklists – to make maintenance simple to perform, and ensure no steps are forgotten.

Technology Roadmap

The Roadmap is a strategic look at where you want your company to be in the future, and what technology it will take to get you there.

At a high level, the process for this is to:

  • Determine prioritized business goals
  • Brainstorm potential ideas
  • Evaluate each idea
    • Ensure it supports a high-priority goal
    • Determine approximate cost to complete
    • Estimate expected ROI
    • Determine risks of carrying out/not carrying out
  • Prioritize the projects worth doing
  • Create project criteria
  • Determine milestones